Cathy, Patty, John, and Peter - 1972

In late '60s or there about, Cathy and I sang songs all around the SF Bay area, for weddings, church, parties, and for the fun of it. Her voice was a cross between Judy Collins and Barbara Streisand. Being a baritone, I took the harmonies, most of the time. I had done over dubs in high school when I had two tape recorders and a mono system.

We moved to San Francisco in 1965 to escape the fowl air in LA! Finally I could take a deep breath! John was a kissing cousin (our parents knew each other) and back in '61 I inspired him to pick up the guitar. He was more into rock and roll, but in 1972, his new lady Patty played the dulcimer and guitar and her voice floated through the air like a wildwood flower.

One afternoon in 1972 we decided to see if we could sing together, and the results were what we recorded the next afternoon. I went out and bought a Teac 4 track reel to reel with mikes from Radio Shack. With only the morning to figure it out, we sat down at 2 PM and by 6 PM we finished all 12 songs. Several we recorded just after deciding what to do, and never did a second take.

We had a little arranging from my mom in the morning, working out some of the harmonies.

The original 4 track take was remixed at Different Fur studios in San Francisco.

805 - Moby Grape
John takes this one all the way.

By My Side - Godspell - by Stephen Schwartz   
Sung by Cathy

Peaceful Easy Feeling - Eagles 
Sung by John

Wildwood Flower - Webster and Irving 
Patty plays and sings

I Think it's Going to Rain Today - Randy Newman 
Cathy leads

Killing Me Softly - Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel
Cathy sings

Last Thing on My Mind - Glenn Campbell
Cathy Peter and Patty

Sunshine on my Shoulder - John Denver
Patty leads

Bank of the Ohio - Traditional
The group

In My Life - The Beatles -
Cathy leads

In the Land of Oden - Peter and Gordon
Peter and Cathy

Tomorrow is a Long Time - Bob Dylan
Patty sings the harmony as well.
I still cry when I hear Patty
sing this rendition.
It is the best Dylan could have hoped for.