A Field of Passion

Second Edition  

Paperback $14.95

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A Field of Passion is now AVAIBLE!  June 2020.

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This books was my very first, and web published with iUniverse. I have sold many copies, especially around Valentine's Day! It feels good to have it back. 

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She seemed to float up the steps, smiling bubbles of champagne and laughing with all her presence.

I heard you were here, she handed me her guitar with an irresistible smile. I am so pleased.

Thus began my discovery that love comes in many disguises, and leaves in different ones. I had watched her for years from a conception of safety, and in this moment, the line separating reason from unreasonableness dissolved, and I began a journey I must share so I may have some rest.

What follows are selections from my journals, attempting to edit out the burdensome words of explanations and rationalizations while searching for guidance in the treacherous territory between the heart and the mind.

After all, you will understand, or not, based on far more than my words. If my heart shares itself honestly, the gaps will be wonderful places to lose yourself.


I dedicate this book to all the passionate souls who live unafraid of expressions of love, and with a special dedication to Adrienne Marie for encouraging me to share these private writings with the world.

Thank you.