Earthly Joy - Our Favorite Photos with Words

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This picture story had written and photographed itself over the 25 years my wife and I have been traveling. Remembering the words and images from my collections, one day she started to combine the favorites. She made it come together. I am delighted to find a calming when I listen the the words and remember the wonderful places the camera clicked as if a wonderful co-conspirator.


In 1995, I began my final journey away from, toward the great unknown. I had become reckless with my dreams, believing they were important enough to become real. I decided to risk my life to find out. The more reckless I became, the more honest I sounded, especially to the man in the mirror. The more I liked myself, and so did she.  

Now, Twenty five years later, I live a life greater than my dreams, filled with love and purpose.


“What are going to do now, Peter?” she asked.

“Give back,” I responded. “Give it all back in my own way.”


And I am, thankfully, with love.

BTW, The music I highlight for this poetic journey is from Master Flutist David Shostac, a man who made a difference in my life way back in my transition from the 9th grade into High School, and I needed help!
From The Romantic Flute; Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel
David Shostac, Flute with James Smith, Guitar

This project is the finest way I can imagine giving back! If it becomes an inspiration for you to finally do what you have wanted to do, then this is a wonderful gift.

Another example of my giving back is my first novel, On The Divide, listed to the left. During the five years we lived off the grid, I learned more than I thought I needed to learn. Having the opportunity to tell one of those late 70s' stories in 2016, I was inspired to write it (a single story) down. Another story exploded on the page, followed by 50 more! Assembling these life lessons has taken many twists and turns. Half of the stories have become the first book. It has inspired three more!
In rereading them, as well as creating an audio book, I am humbled by the life classes I attended 40 years ago which suddenly in 2020 become important. I can see now the lessons never stopped, and it has required me to change my perspective to realize the wonderful moments from my journey!
Now I realize Earthly Joy was the first step in realizing what a wonderful life we have being here and now.