Photography * Borders on the images are optional
  New York City, Before 911 and After
A Carribean Cruise
Moving Event Photos * mp4
Munds Park, AZ 4th of July Parade The Boys turn 11! Cornele Holiday Dinner Office Cleaning? What?

Super Bowl 2009 At Last a Wedding! Dance Recital in Minutes 100 year Meyer Reunion, 2011, Pittsburgh, PA
I love to make moving Pictures!
For my old eyes, it is better than video,
and sometimes faster!
I will slow down Safiyyah's Dance Recital! It was one of my first.
Coming Soon
  Alaska and the hunt for whale tails Niagra Falls The Grand Canyon from the South Rim China Visit 2007 & 2008 

Here is a 10 day
Caribbean Journey in 2010
Day by Day Moving Pictures
with Music
A Carribean Cruise

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Please have fun listening!
All acoustic MUSIC from the 60's & 70's
Sung and played by
Cathy Ryan, Patty Southwick,
John Havard, and Peter Burt
Recorded in our Living Room Studio
Oakland, California 1972