March 28, 2018 

David Overby and Friends,

The show will be taken down tomorrow, the 29th of March, and some have already been reloacted.

Please feel free to send me an email peterburt @ (remove the spaces) and I will let you know where his collection is headed.

Sensei Overby (Sensei is Teacher) David says he will not be making any new prints,
so this art collection will be the end of this section of his life.

For those who do not know, David Overby is a Black Belt Iaido instructor, inspiring many students.
David's Oba DoJo will perform the defensive art form using the sword on the afternoon of March 1st in conjunction with the Arizona Asian American Association.

Above, David and his Muse, Limitless Beauty.

To download Davids two page flyer, CLICK HERE.